As Forest Spring is a family campground


that seeks to glorify God, we do not


apologize for these Rules and Regulations.


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Everyone must register at the office before entering the park. A photo I.D. is required with registration. Site guest are limited to 2 persons per camper per site. Site rates are for 2 people only.

Every guest must be listed on registration form. Any exceptions to the number of guest per camper, must be disclosed to the management, and approved by Park Manager.

All visitors of site guest must register at the office. Visitors are welcome, but they are ONLY visitors, not site guest. Site guest are responsible for their visitors conduct and observance of the Park Rules. If you or your visitor create any type of disturbance that results in the Sheriff's Department being called to the Park, you will be dismissed from the Park. No Refunds will be given. Visitors will be allowed to visit for two weeks only. After the two weeks, the guest will be charged $60.00 per month for each overdue visitor. Exceptions may be allowed by Park Manager.

The Management reserves the right to restrict access to anyone causing problems within the Park either in the past, present or future.

This property is privately owned and the Management reserves the right to refuse service to anyone or terminate the stay of a guest for reasons the management shall deem objectively. No disorderly conduct, intoxication, firearms or illegal drugs will be tolerated by guest or visitors while in the Park. Violation of the aforementioned will result in termination of your stay at Forest Spring Campground.

Management will not be responsible for accidents, injury to guests or visitors, damage to campers and/or trailers or personal property, fire, theft, or loss of valuables of any kind. No refunds. No sub-leasing of camp sites allowed. Site guest shall not allow any other person to occupy the premises without notifying Management in writing and without Managements consent. Management reserves the right of refusal of the aforementioned.

In no case, other than emergency, shall any camper enter the panel (electric) box.

Please use a pressure regulator attached at the faucet. We have high water pressure and your hose may be at risk.

Please clean lint filters in laundry room dryers after each use. Dispose of empty containers, lint and/or other trash in garbage can at laundry room or in dumpster. NO SMOKING INSIDE OFFICE, CABINS, OR CAMPER RENTALS. Please notify the office, 864-972-3855 , immediately if any of the machines are inoperable. Please help keep laundry room clean.

Freeze Warning: We may experience temperatures below freezing during the winter. Please ask for assistance if you have concerns about freezing weather. Water should not be kept running to keep lines from freezing. Heat tapes must be operative and maintained during freeze periods. Heat tape should be checked periodically to prevent freeze ups and costly repairs. We are not responsible for damage to your hoses or your camper.

Park Manager has the right to refuse older, aesthetically unpleasing campers. Only one camper or 2 tents per site.

Please do not move from assigned site unless you check with office first. Please No loud radios, TV, people, parties, etc., during Quiet Time.

Children/Minors: All parents and adult guardians are directly responsible for the actions and conduct of their children. Any vandalism, theft, or defacing of Park Property, or property of others, by your child or children in your care, will be considered the direct responsibility of parent or adult guardian. All children must be supervised by a parent or adult guardian at All times. Do Not leave children unattended in a camper if you leave the park. Do not allow your children to play or tamper with mailbox(s), electric, water, or sewer services. Children are not allowed to do the laundry or be in the laundry room unattended by their parent or adult guardian.

No, ATVs, go-carts or other motorized rides allowed unless approved by management. Only adults are allowed to drive golf carts responsibly in the Park. No skateboards or ramps allowed. No ropes tied or hanging from trees are allowed.

If you are in doubt about what is allowed, please call the Park Office at 864-972-3855 before you act. Children should obey all rules! We are not responsible for accidents or mishaps that occur as a result of any reason other than our own negligence. Please be careful! We greatly appreciate your cooperation in managing your children. Please do not allow children to cut through other renters sites. Respect their privacy.

Motorcycles are only allowed to travel to and from your site. Please do not rev up your cycle excessively. Be respectful of your neighbors. Please do not cut through other sites. Remember to respect the privacy of others.

Pets: No outside pets allowed. Prior approval from Park Management must be given before bringing any pet into the Park. All pets must be kept on a short leash (less than 6ft.) at ALL times while outside the camper and walked by an adult who can control the behavior of the pet. Do not pet or touch someone else's pet in the Park without first asking the pets owner for permission. Sometimes, even the nicest pet, will bite if it thinks you are bothering their owner. Some older pets also suffer from arthritis and other conditions and they simply do not want to be touched. So, please do not touch or pet, without owners permission! Pets are only allowed to be tied or staked while attended outside of your unit for short (usually less than 1-hour) periods of time, provided they do not create a disturbance, nuisance, threat or foul odor. Guest are responsible for the pets behavior. Visitors of guest are not allowed to bring pets into the Park. Any damages caused by pet(s), you as our guest must be responsible for and agree to reimburse for all such damages to the Park and/or other guest.

All pets must have proper registration and/or vaccinations. Please be prepared to confirm with written proof your pets current vaccination record. No commercial breeding of pets will be allowed in Park.

The Park Management has the absolute right to request that a pet(s) be removed from the Park if such pet causes unusual noise or disturbance or damages to the premises or personal property belonging to the Park or other guest.

The Management shall from time to time have the right to make changes and/or additions to the pet rules in writing and distributed to all guest who have permitted pets. Guest who violate these rules will be asked to leave the Park. No refunds.

Remember, we are not a bank, so please, do not allow your pet to leave a deposit. When you walk your pet, clean up after them. Your pet should not void or defecate on shrubs or flowers. Do not allow your pet to use your neighbors site! Walk your pet to the edge of the wooded areas to do their job. Make sure you poop-scoop in this area, too. Please dispose of your pets waste in a tied-up garbage bag, taken to the dumpster. Please remember, ALL pets, cats or dogs, should always be on a 6 feet or less leash.

Porches: Consult management before installing porches, decks, awnings, etc., or any structure. Do not dig into ground for such without consulting management.

Trees: Please do not damage Park trees by inserting nail-type objects, tying or hanging ropes, chains, or climbing upon them. Climbing is strictly prohibited. Help us protect our trees so we may enjoy their beauty and shade. No trimming of trees allowed.

No digging or planting allowed without managements approval due to underground utilities.

Clothesline: No outside clothesline or hanging of clothes allowed.  Our sites will not be suitable for camper washer use due to the fact that the Park is on septic tank systems.

Furniture: only outdoor lawn type furniture. Furniture outside of your camper must be designed for outdoor use only.

Vehicles: Park in designated areas only. Only licensed drivers and vehicles are allowed to operateor park in this campground. Please park your camper unit and vehicle where told to do so. Limit of two vehicles per site. Any additional vehicles, subject to Park managements approval.  Do Not Block access to other sites or park on unoccupied sites; violators may be towed at owners expense.

Call the Park office at 864-972-3855 if your access is blocked. No parking in roadways. No vehicles to be blocked or jacked up and left unattended at any time. If you need service or repair of your camper, tow, or towed vehicle, please consult with management.

Speed limit is 5 MPH through entire Park. Pedestrians and pets have the right of way. Obey the speed limit or leave. If you see someone else speeding, get their tag number and/or description of the vehicle and notify the office at 864-972-3855

Garbage: All garbage shall be taken to the dumpster on a DAILY basis so pests, like rodents, will not be attracted. No outside cans allowed. Only household garbage should be placed in dumpster. Absolutely no tires or wood of any kind allowed.

If you have old furniture, appliances, rugs, or extremely large items, you should take them to the Waste Center, located on Hwy 11 South, going toward I-85 behind the Exxon station. Cigarette butts and bottle caps and can tabs are considered garbage and should be disposed of properly. Do not throw these down in or around your site, or in the woods! Each site must be kept neat and clean. Boxes, bottles, cans, or other unsightly debris will not be allowed.

Fires: Fires are permitted in rings only. Do not move your fire ring without consulting with management. Firewood is for sale at the office. Do not break shrubs, tree limbs, or obtain wood from any other area for your fire.

Grills: Grills are allowed on legs only. Do not place grill on Park picnic tables! Do not dump charcoal or ashes in the woods. Use the dumpster for extinguished coals only.

Please do not move picnic tables, fire rings or anything else from another site.

All alcoholic beverages and their display are prohibited outside your camper unless placed in a cozy or cup. Public drunkenness will not be tolerated. South Carolina Law prohibits anyone under the age of 21 to possess or consume alcoholic beverages or anyone to furnish alcoholic beverages to those under the age of 21.

Loud, boisterous behavior is not permitted. The use of obscene, opprobrious, or offensive language is not permitted and will not be tolerated.

Drug-free camping: Any site guest, visitor, or a guest or other person affiliated with a site shall not engage in criminal activity, including drug related criminal activity, on or near Park premises.

Any unpaid bills shall result in criminal trespass charges per South Carolina Code of Laws. This is a campground and is regulated under the Lodging Establishment Act of South Carolina Code Laws, Section 45-2-10 through 45-2-80.

If you are asked to leave the Park for any non-discriminatory reason, you must do so. Park management is not required to give you any type of notice. Park management has the right to refuse or discontinue service to anyone for non-discriminatory reasons. If a unit is abandoned and lot rent is past due, said unit will be removed from the site and taken to a storage area. A fee of $20.00 will be charged daily.

Please feel free to empty and flush your holding tanks. Do not allow gray water to be poured on ground. Do Not flush leftover food, paper towels, sanitary napkins, or any other non-biodegradable paper down toilets. Any expense incurred in opening a stoppage due to tenants negligence will be charged to tenant.

All sewer and water connections must be sealed to prevent leakage. Any excessive water use will constitute an additional monthly fee as determined by Park Manager.

You may wash and rinse your coach or trailer and tow vehicle as neededfor $5.00 each, please conserve water when you do so.  Excesssive water use will result in an additional charge.

Littering: Littering of any kind will not be tolerated. Adults are responsible for minors; therefore, they are not excluded from penalties. You will be given ONE warning! Second time, if you litter, you leave.

No peddling, soliciting, or commercial enterprise of any kind conducted in Park, this includes daycare/babysitting services. Exceptions at managers discretion.

Insurance: Site guest shall be responsible for insuring his/her own unit against fire, floods, wind, natural causes, accident or theft and other catastrophes.

Management and campers hereby release each other from liability for loss and damage occurring on or to the premises of which they are a part.

Security: Management and Park owners do not promise, warrant, or guarantee the safety or security of the Park guest or their personal property against criminal actions of other guest or third parties. Each guest has the responsibility to protect him or herself and maintain appropriate insurance to protect their belongings. Management does not warrant that any such devices if in place will be effective to prevent injury, theft, or vandalism. Guest agrees that such action shall not be breach of any obligation or warranty of management. We cannot assume responsibility of injury to campers or visitors, or for any weather damages.

For your own SAFETY, please take appropriate measures during drastic changes in weather (i.e., lightning, storms, high winds, hail, etc.)

Site guest agrees to pay $25.00 for each dishonored / NSF checks. If guests have two checks returned, all future charges shall be paid in the form of cash, cashiers check, certified bank check or money order.

Please remember, all payments are due in advance, and we offer No Refunds, on rates paid. In case of an emergency shortens your stay please consult with us.

Occupancy may require an approved application that may include credit review, employment and personal reference checks as well as background investigation.

All stays require payment in advance. Electric bills are paid after management approved due date. Other conditions and charges may apply. No refunds are allowed. No LEASE is IMPLIED or OFFERED. Rates include 1 camper or 2 tents and 2 additional vehicles. All other vehicles or trailers, if approved by management, are each $15.00 per month. These rates are based on 2 occupants per camper per site. Rates are subject to change without prior notice. Management will post rate changes in office. Call office for current rates, 864-972-3855

Our office hours are 8AM-6PM. Check-out is at 12:00 noon. An additional fee may be imposed if you are 1 hour late checking out.

If you have an Emergency call 911. Otherwise, call us at the office number during office hours if you have a question, problem, or concern. Please remember to respect your neighbors during Quiet Time - 10PM to 7AM.

Again, thank you for choosing to spend some time with us. We are a family campground, providing a relaxing and refreshing camping experience in a Christian environment. We want you to be relaxed and renewed before returning to the hustle and bustle of life.

Thank you and come again.

431 Mt. Pleasant Rd.

Westminster, SC 29693

Office: 864-972-3855; cell 864-710-3179








A) Do not hook up your satellite receiver to our network without first cutting off your TV antenna booster otherwise you will be subject to burning out expensive circuit boards.

B) Be advised: we have strong water pressure. You should always use a pressure regulator. We have these available at the camp store for rent or purchase.



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